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About Us

Mansa Musa is an easy to use Investing platform (website and mobile app) that lowers the barrier of entry to crypto, stock, commodity and forex trading in Africa.

Lack of liquidity and access is the main challenge that African exchanges and investors face, which has resulted in poorly functioning financial markets in Africa. 

Our mission is to address this problem by offering a highly innovative and secure investing platform that provides the easiest access to crypto and financial markets in Africa.

The name for the platform is derived from Mansa Musa, a Malian ruler who inherited a kingdom that was already wealthy, but his work in expanding trade made Mali the wealthiest kingdom in Africa. Just like Mansa Musa our platform will expand trade and investment opportunities throughout Africa.

Mansa Musa is available in every African country.

The key features of the platform are:

  • Margin trading
  • Derivatives and
  • P2P trading.

Mansa Musa does not onboard or provide services to accounts of entities located in, established in, or a resident of the United States of America, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, or North Korea.

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